QLTP: Under Construction

Much more will be added to this page, but this much is uploaded as a demonstration of what I have in mind.
The left margin will eventually have links for logging on and off, copying, editing, and deleting one's own texts, various kinds of searchs, and much more. For now, you can only read my texts: just click on 'Read All Texts' in the left margin to get started.
Note that none of these texts has yet been properly edited and proofread, though that process will start very soon. Not all are ready to be displayed in every possible way. Specifically:
  1. Only Vergil's Eclogues and Martial IV have a column of MS names between text and apparatus.
  2. Only Vergil's 1st Eclogue, Propertius 2.11 and 2.29, Martial IV, and Statius S. 5.4 have an apparatus criticus so far, and these could all stand some careful proofreading.
  3. Only Propertius, Persius, Martial 10.47, Statius, and Pliny 1.1-3 have macrons and all possible UVuv IJij spellings, and these could also stand some proofreading.
  4. Only Lucan I has midline paragraphs (lines 261 and 522).
  5. To see the different styles of outer quotation marks, try Propertius 2.29. To see three levels of quotations marks, outer, inner, and whatever you call the ones that are even further in (same as outer), see the Acis and Galatea passage, which is the only part of Ovid's Metamorphoses uploaded so far (it's in Book XIII).
  6. Only the first two authors or corpora (Aristotle's verse and selections from Anthologia Graeca) are Greek, and only Pliny is (Latin) prose. Neither has much, if any, apparatus yet, and the Anthology doesn't have most of the author names yet. There is no Greek prose in the database except a few bits embedded (along with bits of Greek verse) in Pliny's letters. The second half of 1.20 is a good place to see examples of both.
  7. The various capitalization options are not working yet with Greek!
  8. Only Vergil (in the odd-numbered Eclogues) has character-name prefixes.
  9. To see how deletions are handled, see Lucan and Ovid's Heroides I: the latter has both kinds.
  10. Finally, the site looks better in FireFox than in Explorer, and I am well aware that the formatting block is ugly and may sometimes block the apparatus. I will make it optionally disappearable at some point.